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Every thing you wanted to know about her but where afraid to ask !!

We all know that Sakura can eat a whole lot of food how does she do this ?

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The most reasonble answer was that she can eat as much food as she wants and never increase in size.
Is because she is related to cherry !!!!.
Other Ideas Are :-
The food she eats is sent the spirit world !
She has a black hole within her.
She still has a demon within her which eats the food.

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This is the first episode that we see Sakura eat eat eat and eat more food with out gainig any weight.!
26. Full Course from Hell

Can Contact With Ataru Moroboshi Change Your Life For The Better ?

Well Ataru is not much use but his knack of attracting bad luck comes in handy for Sakura !!! So as you can see below he helped out Sakura !!!.

As you can see Sakura tried to exocise Ataru, but as her tooth ache was playing up she had to stop. Then carry on with the exorcisim. The aliments which affected her felt DRAWN to his Very Bad Luck and left Sakura to plague Ataru. This left Sakura more healthy than she has ever been.

This is the first episode that we see SAKURA !
9. The Mysterious Seductive Beauty Sakura

Sakura's Guardian Sprit

This spirit lives within Sakura I've only seen her in the manga but she also appears in the in the tv series. I guess that she protects her in the spirit world.

96. The Big Showdown! Sakura vs. Sakuranbo

She Looks Great In A Swim Suit

Hey you have to admit with that figure she could rule the world. *hehehe*
For more details check out this episode of UY !.
25. Hawaiian Swimsuit Thief , 63. So Long, Bye-Bye, Summer Days , 105. Plenty of Sun, Plenty of Sickness

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Sakura's Uncle Cherry Often Helps Her Out

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As we all know that Cherry helps out Sakura most times when it comes to dealing with the supernatural. Yes he is related to Sakura but he got the ugly genes from the family.

Sakura's Fiancee Ozuno Tsubame

Tsubame is one lucky guy to be Sakura's fiancee. He is also a magician too. He went the to the west to study the magical arts. When he returned with his new found powers he decided to ask Cherry for Sakura's hand in marriage. But Cherry being Cherry challenged him to a magical duel. So the scene was set at the disco for a magical duel. But Tsubame forgot one Major thing ! he was in Japan. So he summoned the wrong demons to fight for him. One his mistakes was summoning REI. But after all is said and done he's Major werido.See 23. Love Battle Royale for details.

Whats the deal with Sakura & Jariten ?

Well we all know that Jariten has a MAJOR crush on Sakura. His mistake is asking Ataru for advice on women!. Jariten has more success with sakura and other women because hes only a lil baby (Which women find cute). Ataru uses jaritens body in 47. Beware the Earmuffs!. So finally Ataru gets close to Sakura with out being damaged!. Jariten also gets a date with Sakura in 49. Ten-Chan's Love

Sakura as a child

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This is Sakura when she was a sickly child, going to school. But meeting a young Ataru.  see 51. Lum's Educational Therapy for Little Boys


Sakuras Monsters

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As Sakura deals with the supernatural on a regular basis, its only natural that she'd would pick up a few strange friends. In various episodes you see her with strange creatures.

Police Sakura

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The only time you get to see Sakura as a Police is when Ataru is draged into Athletic Woman Hell. By Kurama who is trying to cure Ataru of his lecherous nature.Except he fails to pay for food at Oyukis restaurant. She calls the Police aka Sakura who arrest him a all the women in his life judge him.  See 18. Athletic Woman Hell for details.

Nurse Sakura

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Well to pay for repairs to home / shrine. Which was destroyed when she tried to exorcise  Ataru of his bad luck. She took on the job as school nurse. After she signs up the  causality rate goes up as the boys injure them selves, just to see her.

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