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Sakura The Most Beautiful ........Priestess

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Sakura's Old Shrine

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Sakura is a Shintou shrine vestal virgin, Cherry's niece (unlike Cherry, she is quite beautiful), and the Tomobiki high school nurse. She and Cherry work together in dealing with the supernatural, but otherwise she's just as annoyed by Cherry as everyone else is. Sakura was cured by Ataru of her heart problems early in the series...she went to exorcise Ataru and instead exorcised herself!

The Story Behind Her

She was cursed with a whole generations of diseases & general ill health. Which had plagued her until she met Ataru Moroboshi. When she tried to exorcise Ataru, the spirits felt a really unlucky persons presence and left Sakura and went to Ataru instead!!!!!!. So now shes better and works as a nurse at Tomobiki high school. Sakura is SO beautiful that the guys at Tomobiki high school have been known to harm them selves to get some off her attension. She is the best looking character in the Urusei Yatsura Series. (Yeh I know that I have upset some people now !!!)

Due to Lum being in the area Sakura has the ability to eat a Whole lot off food with out putting showing any weight gain.


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Sakura Facts

Name :

Sakura is "cherry blossom" in Japanese

Voice :

Machiko Washio

Entrance :

TV story 9 Manga 1.03 (Wide 1.03,Viz 1.03)


Sakura Information Panel

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Sakuras Monsters
Police Sakura
Nurse Sakura



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