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This site is dedicated to Macross Dynamite 7 series. This series continues from the end of the last series of Macross 7. This site will also be updated often so you can keep up with the series too. Don't forget the new 4 part OVA series starts on the 18 December 1997. It will be released every Bandai Visual will release a 30-minute volume every two months for 5000 (5250 with tax).

  Designer Kawamori Shouji, director Amino Tetsuroh, and basic character

  Designer Mikimoto Haruhiko.

Anyhow tell your friends about it.


Welcome To Zola

Choose Your Destination

Radio Fire !!! Check this out !!



All four episodes are now here .


Yes these are some charas which you will see in the new series. Graham is not Zentradi as I expected but, a character who has used the Micronisation process to make himself bigger to hunt the Galactic Whales. Hence the power armour that he wears. Don't forget that Mylene has her own manager since she left, Fire Bombers management.





Elma Graham Basara Lisa (Elma's Sister)
Lawrence Haliba Manager Sasabi Unknown Backer
    fire bomber
Bandits Space Whales Chief Fire Bomber

Elma & Lisa

Yep this little girl looks after Basara while he's on planet Zola, She is a big Fire Bomber Fan. Lisa is a member of the Patrol (The patrol are like the police). She meets basara as the bandits are stealing the Valkyire fighter from the hanger. Not very very impressed with him as he stood in her way of getting the bandits Playing his guitar. Lisa has awesome piloting skills.

Basara Nekki

Yes that Famous rock star from "FIRE BOMBER". It seems that he has gotten bored with his status on Macross 7 and has decided to wonder the Galaxy. With nothing but his guitar.

Mylene Jenius, Ray Lovelock, Veffidas

The rest of fire bomber are still playing to sell out concerts. But are wondering about Basara just walking away as he did.

Bandits / Poachers

All round nasty bad guys. Who have it in for Basara !!. They meet Basara when they steal the Valkyrie. Yes they are also whale poachers too. But there backers seem to have latest UN Spacy hardware. The first bandits that bother Basara are Dan, Mitsu, Ryou, Sha.


He is lisa's boss.


This is Elma's & lisa's dad. He has lost one of his arms to the great white Galactic Whale. It would seem that his only purpose in life is to kill the Whale which killed his wife. He meets Basara when he steps out of Elmas home. Graham is not very thrilled to find out that his daughter Elma, is looking after Basara Nekki from Fire Bomber. But defends him against the bandits. In episode 2 he seems to of changed his stance about killing the Whales. The great Whale wants Graham to kill it .


Is one of the Patrols scientists who notices that the Whales reacted to Basara singing.

Unknown Backer

From what I can find out about this guy is that he is financing the poachers, But to what end only the next episode will tell. I think this guy wants to find out how how the Whales Fold space.

Haliba aka Zolanite with scar

Lisa sees this guy in the command ship and recognises him. Haliba is sent by the poachers backers to kill the Space whales !!. He also has the hardware to carry out the task.

Mylenes New Manager Sasabi

Well she appears in part 2. She also does somthing unforgiveable. She trys to take advantage of Mylene. But Guvava saves the day by warning the rest of Fire Bomber Members.

Space Whales

These creatures are what the series are based around. Like our Whales they are also hunted !.These are also sentient beings too as they seem to be able to communicate with Graham and Basara. The Great White Whale sings with Basara in episode 4. These whales can also fold space or travel extremely fast. As seen in episode 4.





Grahams Valkyrie

Power Armour

Here are some of the mechs used in the series. I got some more pics to be added like Elma's scooter/buggy.

VT-1C Valkyrie VT - 1C

This conversion of the classic Valkyrie designed for whale hunting.

VF-5000 G . This is the standard fighter used by the patrol on Zora



VC-3 C Atack craft. As used by the unknown backers of the poachers.



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